K ~ Bakeneko

K ~ Bakeneko

The Bakeneko are a type of yokai that can take the form of a cat or human. They make for sociable and fun loving companions and tend to hold similar traits to what the common cat might. That is to say that they can get quite wild and playful, many will enjoy playing pranks from time to time. They have a way about them that can help lighten the mood and brighten your day. Aside from a fun and sociable companion they do possess some abilities for magick that can be utilized to bring in new growth and opportunities in your life, they are a bit wild for sure but they have a sense of observance that can help you see more into each situation. If you are looking for a companion that will be by your side lift you up and brighten your mood while creating a sense of excitement so that there's not ever a dull day then look no further.

K has an edgy modern style that suits him perfectly. He stands at about 5’11” tall with a slim build. He has pale skin, medium length black hair that hangs in his face, and bright glowing golden eyes. He has black fluffy cat ears on top of his head and a long black tail. He seems to always dress in all black and loves wearing long sleeve shirts or sweaters with hoods. He has some piercings and tattoos and is a bit of a rebel. 

K has a high energetic feel that is frequently on the move and may take time pinning down. He has a slight warmth to him and a very present electrical charge feeling when moving about. You may at times feel a strong pressure on top of the head accompanied by a tickle down the neck, this is likely due to him using your head as a chair while in cat form. He is dark arts but is on the lighter end of the dark arts spectrum. 

K is a Bakeneko. He can tap into magickal energy to boost your spellcasting. He is an upbeat and lively companion who will bring some excitement to your day to day life. K can show you how to have more fun in life and make the best of things. He's a sociable on the go companion looking to brighten up the day. You will find trouble being bored with him as your companion.

K is filled with excitement. He can be sly with a quick wit about him. He is big on the sass and loves to crack jokes. K is a lover of pranks and from time to time you may be on the receiving end, though his are all in good fun. Simply being around his excitement and on the go feeling is enough to make the mood feel lighter.