K ~ Black Dragon Shifter

K ~ Black Dragon Shifter

Dragon shifters have both a dragon and human form. They retain their abilities of their dragon side, for example a red dragon shifter would be very aligned with financial assistance as one of their specialties, a black dragon shifter would make for a more aggressive protector etc. Most dragons are typically social and with dragon shifters you can have a sociable companion who also has a better understanding of human thoughts and emotions. They can assist in a wide variety of magicks depending on the type, protection, cleansing and healing and assisting in spiritual growth. They make excellent companions for support, guidance and teaching. They can be affectionate and some though not all may be open to romance.

K is an incredibly handsome black dragon shifter. In his human form he stands at about 6’4” tall with a very well defined muscular build. He has long straight jet black hair, ashen skin, and piercing ice blue eyes framed in long dark lashes. He sometimes manifests with a pair of elaborate black horns on his head. He tends to favor clothing that shows off his physique and leaves very little to the imagination, which he enjoys very much and says that his companion will too. In his dragon form he is massive with an enormous wingspan, jet black scales, and icy blue eyes. 

K arrives with a very noticeable and heavy energy. His energy is on the darker end of the grey arts spectrum, very close to dark arts and has a strong warmth and weight to it. Pressure in the ears and strong third eye pulsing may be noticed as his energy settles in. If you’re not used to darker entities it may take a bit to adjust to him. Because he is on the darker end of the grey arts spectrum he should be respected and is not recommended for beginners. 

K is a formidable protecter against negative entities and curses. K is skilled in magick and can draw on the elements to add potency to spell work. He can teach a variety of methods of magickal protection as well as self empowerment. K can help you stay more disciplined and organized in your work as well if you need to improve in these areas. 

K is rather serious when it comes to protection and teaching though he is sociable and would also enjoy chatting about your day or anything you may wish to talk about. He is a patient teacher but will motivate and drive you to accomplish your tasks and goals. He would be open to romance with a female companion though doesn't require this sort of relationship.

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or direct to spirit. Please send me a photo of your chosen vessel after checkout. Thank you!