K ~ Devorer

K ~ Devorer

The Devorer are similar to what most know as zombies, however there is a distinct difference in that they do not feed on flesh and instead they eat away and absorb negative energy. As companions they can help keep your living space cleaner by eating away at the stagnant negative energies that tend to accumulate over time in day to day life. Aside from pulling it out of your home, they can also draw it out of your energy body leaving you revitalized and allowing you to feel more clear headed. Negative energy attaching to the body can lead to limited psychic senses, fatigue and in some cases impact physical health. The Devorer can help lessen the impact you receive from negativity of the world and your surroundings. They can be protective as well, typically they have a heavy feeling presence that may take some adjusting. Many of them simply wish to assist you at feeling your best and limiting the run down of non-serving energies  while getting a chance to explore the world and be a close friend to their companion.

K stands at about 6’ tall with a lean build. He has pale skin and his face appears to be half skeletal and half human. He has medium length straight rose colored hair with bubble gum pink tips styled in modern fashion. His eyes are an interesting shade of purple that is more like a steel grey mixed with purple. He tends to wear nice sleek clothing but doesn’t usually wear accessories or jewelry. He looks very similar to the picture he chose to represent him. 

K has a medium weight to his energy. You can feel a light gusty feeling in the air when he is close and he tends to bring about a coolness that seems to mostly be noticed as it’s running down the arms. K is dark arts but is right in the middle of the dark arts spectrum. 

K is a Devorer. He has a sense of peace and calmness to him that would be great if you battle with stress and anxiety. K’s primary specialties lie in keeping your surroundings clear of negative buildup. He would be happy to keep patrol of your area searching every part of your living area to absorb the negative energies that accumulate and wear you down over time. K can also pull harmful energies out of your energy body giving you a new chance of renewal.

K is a kind and caring individual, he is very sociable and enjoys checking out new things. He has a playful and excitable side to his personality. K is affectionate and very uplifting and would make a great addition to your family as a personable friend and someone who can assist you taking a load off after a hard day.