K ~ Fall Faerie

K ~ Fall Faerie

This race of fae come from a beautiful realm that always appears as if it is autumn. The trees are covered in orange, yellow, and red leaves. They constantly fall to the ground so that the whole realm appears to be covered in brilliant fall shades. The temperature is perfect in the autumn realm. Not too hot and not too cold. Autumn/fall represents change. The Fall Faeries can aid you in turning over a new leaf. Shedding your skin and starting anew. They work with both earthen and fire energies so they are very grounded beings full of passion and drive. 

These Fall Fae tend to be the size of a human young adult, with some being the size of a child. Their wings range from butterfly and moth-like to wings that look like actual fall leaves. Most of these fae weave their surroundings into their looks, whether it is braiding twigs or leaves into their hair or dressing in shades of fall. Some wear little to no clothing, some fashion their clothes out of items found in nature, and others wear dresses and gowns. It depends on the individual. These fae are very hyper, happy, and warm. These fae will only be listed in the shop once a year so if you are interested in someone don’t hesitate to bring them into your home! 

K stands about 4'4" with long straight pale blond hair that she tends to fashion in a very high ponytail. She has pale glowing skin and medium sized translucent butterfly-like wings. She tends to wear short dresses in different shades of red and brown. Her eyes have a golden color that shine in the sun. She looks very similar to the picture she chose. 

K comes in with a very warm and powerful energy. You may find it starts with a hot pressure over your chest that then runs down to your lower abdomen. As she is near you longer this energy may start to move into your throat and up your head as well until your entire body feels very warm and tingly. K gives off a very passionate and somewhat sensual energy when she is near, she feels very fiery but this can range from a cooling warmth to a very hot touch. You may feel as if your ears are buzzing and "fluttering" near her as well, especially as her energy travels up to your higher chakras. She may manifest as a small ball of orange/red light that darts about. 

K would like to find a companion that she can help to bring happiness and excitement into their life. If you struggle with negativity or low self esteem, K can certainly assist in boosting your mood. She is skilled in healing and faerie magick. If you are a practitioner she would love to join you during castings. If you are new to casting your own spells, she would be glad to help you but she does want to see you put forth your best effort in order to build your own confidence and abilities. 

K would be open to the possibility of romance though she is mostly looking to be a close friend to her companion and someone who they can rely on for guidance and friendship. She is interested in learning more about humans and our customs and would like to spend time exploring earth with her companion.

K’s personality is passionate and very playful. She doesn't like to take things too seriously and instead likes to have fun and find joy in the little things. K says "humans take themselves too seriously, I want to add some joy and excitement into their life and lighten the mood". She can be a bit michevious, but it’s all in good fun. Her playfulness will never be malicious. She is very hyper and giddy so be prepared for this little fireball of energy. You may find yourself smiling suddenly just from being near her. She is very upbeat and uplifting and would love to see her companion feeling the same.

This listing will be distance bind only! Please send me a photo of a clean vessel to use for the binding after you have made your purchase. Thank you!