K ~ Lunar Elf

K ~ Lunar Elf

The Lunar Elves are closely aligned with the moon cycle and can draw on the energy during the various phases to empower spellwork or bring cleansing and healing. They can make great companions for teaching and guidance or even be a supportive friend. Many of them can help increase psychic abilities and as a whole they can help you more effectively utilize the energy of the moon. 

K stands at about 5’4” tall with pale blue skin with a pearlescent sheen, long wavy white hair, and stunning silvery aqua eyes. She typically dresses in long flowing gowns in shades of white, silver, and black. She looks very similar to the image she chose to represent her. 

K has a light and cool relaxing energy. Her energy feels breezy and a tad bit watery. She tends to stimulate the third eye with pressure when she is close and leaves a cooling light pressure against the chest. K has a higher vibration that cause the head to feel a bit floaty while you become accustomed. She is grey arts and is on the light-medium end of the grey arts spectrum. 

K is a lunar elf. She is a outstanding spell caster and healer. K specializes in healing, transformation, and personal self growth. She can cleanse away negative energy and rejuvenate your aura and energy body. K can assist with shielding and keeping negativity from attaching itself to you. If you are a strong empath, K would make an excellent companion to ensure you do not get overwhelmed by others emotions. She can help stabilize your own emotions and calm the mind of any mental clutter that seeps in leaving you clear headed and relaxed. Due to her relaxing energy and healing abilities she would also make a great partner to meditate and do chakra work with, her energy activates the higher chakras more so but she can help you tap into and activate the lower chakras as well. 

K is supportive and kind hearted. She will assist you on your growth and studies and would enjoy studying alongside you. K is knowledgeable in many areas, specifically in drawing on lunar energy and cleansing. She is patient and would make a great teacher to learn from and improve your energy work. K wishes to be a guide and friend you can turn to for advice or assistance during your time on earth.

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or direct to spirit. Please send me a photo of your chosen vessel after checkout. Thank you!