K ~ Male Lunar Elf

K ~ Male Lunar Elf

The Lunar Elves are closely aligned with the moon cycle and can draw on the energy during the various phases to empower spellwork or bring cleansing and healing. They can make great companions for teaching and guidance or even be a supportive friend. Many of them can help increase psychic abilities and as a whole they can help you more effectively utilize the energy of the moon. 

K stands at about 5’11” tall with a slender yet muscular build. He is very handsome with medium length black hair, tan skin with a silver blue sheen, and dark blue black eyes. K usually wears his hair pulled back off his face and dresses in darker colors with very unique robes over his clothing. He looks very much like the image he chose to represent himself. 

K has a slightly cold energy that brings a relaxing coolness around the aura. He stimulates the third eye a lot with his presence. K brings a sense of calm that would be helpful if you struggle quieting the mind. His touch has the same coolness that his energy brings and feels a bit like rushing water running under the skin.  

K is a lunar elf. He is a court advisor with an analytical and scholar like mind. K can assist with healing and personal growth. He is especially skilled with emotional healing and understanding your emotions more effectively. K would make a good partner for studying, meditating and planning with. He can help strengthen the higher chakras particularly. As a lunar elf he is gifted at drawing in energy from the moon to assist in spell work as well as spiritual growth. 

K is supportive, positive and uplifting. He would enjoy spending time reading as well as moon and stargazing with you. K would be a great consultant to receive guidance and suggestions from. He can help you formulate a plan come up with the best course of action to get the most out of your life.

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or direct to spirit. Please send me a photo of your chosen vessel after checkout. Thank you!