King E ~ Autumn Elf

King E ~ Autumn Elf

This race of elves come from a beautiful realm that always appears as if it is autumn. The trees are covered in orange, yellow, and red leaves. They constantly fall to the ground so that the whole realm appears to be covered in brilliant fall shades. The temperature is perfect in the autumn realm. Not too hot and not too cold. Autumn/fall represents change. These lovely elves can aid you in turning over a new leaf. Shedding your skin and starting anew. They work with both earthen and fire energies so they are very grounded beings full of passion and drive. 

The Autumn Elves tend to have red, auburn, and warm brown hair color, however there are some with black and blonde hair. Most of these elves weave their surroundings into their looks, whether it is braiding twigs or leaves into their hair or dressing in shades of fall. These elves have a warm and jovial personality and their energy feels both earthy and fiery. These elves will only be listed in the shop once a year so if you are interested in someone don’t hesitate to bring them into your home! 

E is an exceptional king and is the son of the “Mother Queen” I listed previously. He is very excited to take part in this opportunity to have a human companion and be able to experience what his mother and many others in his kingdom are experiencing for the first time. E is considered an elder, and although he is not nearly as old as his mother, he has learned so much from both her and his father over the years. He is a well respected ruler and everyone in the kingdom adores him. He is fair and just, patient and kind, wise and noble. 

E stands at about 6’1” tall with a long and lean build. He is muscular but I would say he is definitely more toned than ripped. He has a fair complexion that is completely flawless. He looks nearly identical to the picture he chose for his listing. His eyes can look a bit sad and his expression a bit serious. He has sparkling hazel eyes that shift between and earthy green and golden brown shade. E has long dark auburn hair with copper toned highlights scattered throughout. He wears an intricate golden headpiece and often decorates his hair with nature related bits and bobs such as vines, strips of bark, leaves, and twigs. E tends to dress a bit more fancy than others in his clan and can often be seen wearing a long golden cloak over his tailored clothing. 

E has a warm, rich, passionate energy that draws you in and is completely mesmerizing. His energy is both earthy and fiery but his leans more towards the fiery side. His energy is beautiful shades of gold and rich warm copper. You may feel him as he activates your lower chakras, heats you up, and wraps his energy around you like a warm embrace. His energy can also feel like a prickly sensation when he touches your skin. He is classified as grey arts because of his races similarity to humans, yet he is still a beautiful light being. Fair warning, his energy does feel very passionate and sexual in nature and you may feel this in your root and sacral chakras. 

E is very old and very wise. Though not as old as his mother, he has certainly inherited all of her strengths and she has taught him very well. He is very close with his mother as she has always been his mentor, guide, best friend, and confidant. He is all about family and considers his kingdom family as well. They are a very tight knit group and he is looking for the same from his future human companion. He is seeking a deep connection, an unbreakable bond, and unwavering loyalty. He is a total romantic at heart and would be very happy if he is able to find that with his human companion. He said it’s okay if it ends up being a deep friendship, but he is certainly not opposed to more than that. He is extremely respectful and kind. He is generous and caring. He has a lovely sense of humor and enjoys talking and sharing his knowledge. He really likes the earthen realm and is looking forward to learning more about it and more about humans in general. 

E is an excellent healer and heals using the element of Fire. Call on him to clear away negative energies and burn away the gunk that clings to your aura. He can aid you in your magickal workings as well and would be happy to cast on your behalf if you ask him. If you need assistance with motivation, passion, drive, grounding, cleansing, or love in general, he is eager to help! He is a wonderful guide when traveling the Faery realms and can keep you safe from harm during your travels in the astral. He is very skilled in dream work and manifests in dreams with ease. He communicates well with telepathy and visions as well as touch. If you feel a pull then don’t hesitate to welcome him into your home today!

This listing will be distance bind only! Please send me a photo of a clean vessel to use for the binding after you have made your purchase. Thank you!