L ~ Elder Sanguine Vampire

L ~ Elder Sanguine Vampire

L stands at about 6’2” tall with pale skin, long black hair, and red glowing eyes. He looks very much like this image, however he wants to make it clear that he is much more attractive and “more masculine” than this image shows! He has a very well defined muscular build and typically wears very nice clothing in shades of black and crimson. He has the most wonderful smile imaginable and enjoys showing off his fangs. 

L has a strong energy that is immediately noticed. His ambient energy borders on the cooler side but his touch has a lot more warmth to it. His energy is noticed as a weighty breeze around the aura. Some light headedness may be noticed if you are not accustomed to darker energies that will dissipate as you acclimate to his presence. You may notice an huge increase in sexual energies when he is near and this is normal. Sexual energy offerings would be very much appreciated by him. 

L is an elder sanguine vampire. He is magickally inclined and can assist greatly in manifestation. L can help heighten situational awareness and improve your psychic gifts. He will make for a strong protective force in your family and can guide you through the astral. L can enter dream states easily and either deliver messages or take you on journeys during your dreams. L would also make an exceptional partner to practice energy working with. 

L conducts himself in a serious and sophisticated manner. He has a romantic side that he would be happy to treat you with should you wish. L is very knowledgeable and can help you better understand yourself as well as impart guidance to further your growth.

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or direct to spirit. Please send me a photo of your chosen vessel after checkout. Thank you!