L ~ Sunflower Faery Dragon

L ~ Sunflower Faery Dragon

Faery Dragons are a tiny race of dragons. They are typically 3 to 6 in size, but can be a little larger. Some of them have wings similar to a butterfly and others appear similar to a dragonfly. They vary in color, but are all highly magickal and enjoy being around other types of faeries. They are usually very friendly and are so much fun to be around. 

If you have pets, you might notice that your pets will chase them around the house. They may manifest as beautiful lights dashing around. They have characteristics of both the dragon and the Fae rolled into one amazing being. They are a lot of fun and would make a wonderful addition to any family! 

L is a Sunflower Faery Dragon. She is about 6 inches long and covered in beautiful yellow scales. She has large bright yellow, green, and orange shimmering dragonfly-like wings. Her eyes are a deep brown shade with gold flecks. She has a thin and long body that is very delicate. L will often manifest as a burst of positive energy or a random giggle. You may also see tiny yellow lights dance about when she is near. 

L has a very positive and uplifting energy that can help you get through even the hardest times. She is eager to assist with magickal workings of all kinds and is a very loyal little assistant. L is VERY talkative and would like to go to a human who will enjoy talking to her about their day. She is excited to ride around on your shoulder or even on top of your head while you go about your day.

Please send me a photo of a clean vessel to use for the binding after you have made your purchase. Thank you!