L ~ Unseelie Fae

L ~ Unseelie Fae

Unseelie fae come from the unseelie court which includes a variety of different types of fae. They are on the darker side of fae and need to be treated with courtesy and respect, though they are incredibly loyal and protective over those they form bonds with. Their personalities can range from very serious to the more playful side. They are deeply connected to nature and the fae realms and are highly skilled in magick. If asked for their input they do tend to speak their mind freely and give it to you straight. They can assist in a wide variety of magickal arts and some are highly gifted healers. They would make excellent companions for increasing magickal capabilities as well as developing your spiritual gifts and once a bond is sealed with them they will protect you and your living space relentlessly.

L stands at about 5’2” tall with a slim and athletic build. She has pale skin, long and wild black hair with blue highlights, and stunning bright sapphire blue eyes. She has gorgeous black wings but she doesn’t manifest with them too often from what I’ve noticed over time. She has a very unique sense of style that reminds me of a mix of gothic, hippie, and traditional Native American if that makes sense. She enjoys wearing minimal clothing but will cover herself if it makes you uncomfortable. When she does wear clothing it’s usually in black or dark blue shades. 

L has a strong, dark, cooling energy. Some pressure in the higher chakras and ears may be felt when she is near. Her energy can feel like a strong weight against the chest and you may notice tingling against the skin. As she is an Unseelie Fae she is on the darker end of the spectrum and must be treated with respect. You may feel a bit light headed if you are not used to darker energy while you adjust to having her near you. This will subside over time with regular bonding and meditation. 

L is very connected to the magick of the fae and will work with darker magick if you would like to learn more about this practice. She is willing to work magick for you and with you, but hopes to be a teacher and guide. She can stimulate and open the psychic senses and help push you towards self empowerment. L can help you connect to the fae realms and would make a fantastic astral guide. She is very connected with nature and mother earth and can assist in grounding and centering. L is very protective over those she cares about and she can train you in defensive and protective magick as well as watch over you and your space. 

L is very watchful and observant but she also likes to have fun and will be one for pranks from time to time. If something is off limits simply tell her respectfully. She mainly enjoys messing with humans in a playful way. She can be very supportive and is willing to give you her excellent guidance and advice, but please be prepared for complete honesty on her end. She will give it to you straight and not hold back if you ask for her opinion! L does require respect but she will be very loyal and have your back through it all, no matter where your journey takes you.

Please note that the Unseelie Fae deserve respect! Our agreement does not allow for them to cause any harm to their human companion but they will still play pranks and attempt to get into mischief. This binding is not for a newbie or someone who is inexperienced with darker Fae. Thank you!

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or direct to spirit. Please send me a photo of your chosen vessel after checkout. Thank you!