L ~ Werewolf

L ~ Werewolf

L is insanely good looking it’s ridiculous really. He stands at about 6’2” tall with a muscular build and tan skin. He has long medium brown hair with caramel highlights and a beard. His eyes are an incredible shade of ocean blue and he has beautiful dark full lashes. His teeth are perfect and he has slightly longer canines than your average human. He is jeans and T-shirt kinda guy and he will sometimes wear those slouchy knitted hats. He prefers simple accessories like leather bracelets and cord necklaces with pewter charms. In his wolf form he is very large and has chocolate brown fur with a tawny belly. 

L has a weighted earthy energy. His energy feels on the heavy side but is not overly dark and more so on the light to mid range of DA. You can feel his energy encompass around your aura like a warm and solid protective blanket. 

L is a werewolf. He will make a strong and watchful protective companion, being on the lookout for negative entities and even people who do not have your best interest in mind. L can assist you in self confidence and being more grounded. He can connect you more to feeling your own intuition so that you can avoid getting into situations that are not in your best interest. L would make for a great meditation partner to strengthen the mind and come into your own inner power. 

L is very observant and full of confidence. He is supportive and affectionate, willing to lend and ear if you need to talk and get some advice. He is open to an intimate relationship if you would like that but would be ok if you would just like a close friend.

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