M ~ Draconic Elf

M ~ Draconic Elf

The Draconic Elves are a race of elves that are a type of hybrid race with dragons. They resemble elves with draconic attributes. They often have horns and a tail and hard scales that can vary in color and location the scales cover. Unlike common dragons, the Draconic Elves don't necessarily embody the traits of their scale colors, and some will have multiple colors throughout their scaling. As companions they are magickally gifted and many make excellent healers. They are protective and can push away negative energy with ease. They can also make for powerful astral guides and make for patient, caring teachers. They usually fall on the lighter end of the spectrum staying somewhere around light grey arts. 

M is a stunning creature. She stands at about 5’7” tall with grey skin and a curvy build. She has very long straight pink hair, pale purple eyes, long pointed ears like others of her kind, several sets of horns atop her head, and scales scattered across her face and body. Her horns are a deep red shade and her scales are deep red and dark purple. She has long clawed fingers and scales covering her hands. She doesn’t wear much clothing but does favor darker colors and light fabrics. She looks very similar to the photo she chose. 

M has a medium weight and warming energy that stimulates the sacral and solar plexus areas a bit. You can most easily notice her energy as a warm tingly feeling deep in the abdomen region. She is grey arts and is on the light to medium end of the grey arts spectrum. 

M is a Draconic Elf. She is skilled in healing and elemental magick. She offers protection from negative forces and can assist in strengthening shields and other defenses. M can help you achieve greater focus and as such would be a good partner to work on deeper meditation with, she can also help strengthen your resolve to keep pushing forward. 

M is observant and very knowledgeable. She is supportive and desires to see you reach your goals. She is kind hearted and nurturing, and will be a companion you can count on to turn to for advice or guidance in any situation.