M ~ Spring Elf Queen ~ Discernere Companion

M ~ Spring Elf Queen ~ Discernere Companion

Discernere Companion

M ~ Spring Elf Queen 

These listings will include a picture the being has chosen to represent themselves as well as their race and maybe even a few more tidbits of information. You must use your discernment to find out if you are being called! 

If you purchase the listing you will receive a full bio when I do their binding. 

I am trying this method out right now as I have so many wonderful beings waiting to find their forever humans but I cannot list everyone all at once. This also gives you a chance to practice using your discernment!

The Spring Elves reside in a colorful realm that brings the essence of Spring to life year round. It is a realm that blossoms with colorful and vibrant flowers. They share their realm with many dragons and fae. The Spring Elves embody family and fertility and like the coming of Spring, they work with new growth and change, ushering in new beginnings for life's journey. They typically appear as very vibrant and beautiful companions with bright colors and accessories. Some of them even have a pastel shade to them. All in all they are ideal companions for shedding the old and starting a new beginning with a cleansing renewal. As with all beings, some have more unique specialties. The Spring Elves can assist in your spiritual growth and awakening, bringing balance and harmony, finding inspiration and motivation as well as guidance to stay focused on your goals and stay on track, and some are skilled in healing and spiritual hygiene. They tend to love anything that resembles Spring, anything bright and pastel colored and floral fragrances are some favorites for gifts.