M ~ Stag Shifter

M ~ Stag Shifter

Stags represents things like strength and stamina, independence and renewal, and instinctual awareness. As companions, Stag Shifters can assist these areas and more. They can help with spiritual and personal growth, learning to become more independent, and stepping into your own strengths. They can aide us in spirit communication and they are very wise and can be amazing teachers. They are grounding and connected with the earth and to nature. They can help you to become more aware of your surroundings in order to increase intuition and situational awareness. They make for supportive and dedicated companions that will always look out for your best interest. They come in various shades with white being the most rare. If you’d like to connect to Cernunnos these beings are perfect for you.

M is adorable in every way! She stands at about 5’2” tall with a very petite build. She has pale skin sprinkled with freckles, large antlers, and huge icy blue eyes. She has incredibly long straight black hair with silvery white streaks that she styles in so many ways it’s hard to keep up. You will be amazed at how many different ways she can style her beautiful hair. She tends to wear minimal clothing but does wear heavy furs that she drapes around herself. She has a very young and innocent look and is so sweet. 

M has a warming and dense, earthy energy. Her energy is very grounding and stabilizing. The weight tends to center around the chest and work its way downward throughout the lower energy centers. She is considered grey arts and falls on the lighter end of the grey arts spectrum. 

M is a Stag Shifter. She can assist with stability, staying grounded and finding new paths to growth in your life, paving the way for new opportunities and spiritual development. M can offer healing through earth element and connect you more to nature spirits in general. She can help you find courage and stand strong when things are looking down, paving the road for new beginnings. M would be of great assistance teaching patience and strength of will. She can assist in helping you retain wisdom and knowledge as well.

M is a gentle and caring individual. She wants to walk beside you as a friend and supporter, offering advice as needed. M would greatly enjoy exploring the outdoors with you and enjoying a calming chat with one another. She is the type that will not pass judgment but may give a gentle nudge from time to time to steer you in the right way.