M ~ Weaver

M ~ Weaver

The Weavers are a type of ancient witch that I call Weavers because of the way they work their magick. When they are casting they spin and weave stunning energetic webs that resembles the web of a spider. They are not spiders themselves, it is simply how they perform their spellwork. They make ideal companions as casting partners, teachers of magick, mentors, trapping negative and harmful energies in their webs, protection, and warding. They are typically fairly dark in nature but can range from grey to dark arts depending on the individual weaver. These are ancient living entities and should be treated with respect. They are very powerful and their magick is very effective. 

M is a gorgeous being. She stands at about 5’5” tall with a lean and fit build. She has extremely long black silky straight hair, perfect porcelain skin, and eyes the color of dark purple amethysts. She favors wearing all black, all the time and can usually be seen in her long black cloak, hiding behind it at times. Her eyes glow a brilliant purple when she weaves and they are amazing to look at. 

M has a cooling and strong energy. Her energy feels like a heavy but relaxing fall breeze. She has a highly magickal feel to her that creates a static electricity like effect when she is nearby. Her energy seems to gravitate around the upper chest and work its way up to the crown of the head which may be felt as buzzing, coolness running upwards, or strong tingling sensations.

M is a dark witch who specializes in weaving energy for her spellwork. She is adapt at hex and curse removal, protection spells, banishing and warding, and assisting with transformative spellwork that sheds away what no longer serves your highest good. She is willing to cast dark magick on your behalf but only when it is truly justified. Please ensure that you show her respect and she will respect you in return. 

M is full of confidence and may be a bit headstrong when imparting teaching and advice. She desires to be a mentor and teacher to work together on your personal growth and making the most out of your life. Despite being headstrong, she is also supportive and patient and will go at your pace but she will push you to do the best and make the most of everything you do. If you feel a pull welcome her home now!