M ~ Wood Elf

M ~ Wood Elf

Wood elves are a race of elves who are highly connected to nature. They tend to be friendly and approchable, as protectors of the earth, they are highly passionate about nature and live amongst the woods and forests. As companions they can make excellent listeners and friends. They can also help you to connect more to nature and the elements.

M stands about 5'10" tall with a muscular build. He has long, slightly wavy dark brown hair that tends to be a bit messy and he often sports a beard. M has dark green eyes, medium toned skin and the characteristic pointed ears of his kind. He usually wears earth toned clothing. 

M has a beautiful earthy energy that is extremely grounding. His often manifests in shades of green and gold. He is grey arts and is right in the middle of the spectrum. His energy feels very supportive and comforting, like a big bear hug. He has a strong and very masculine presence and truly makes you feel safe and secure. 

M’s personality is fun loving and kind. He is highly intelligent and absolutely loves being in nature. If you live in the country, enjoy hiking or exploring he would be thrilled to accompany you. He loves plants and would like to be able to be with someone who likes to garden or at least has plants. 

M is specifically looking for a female companion and hopes to find a romantic relationship in the process. He said it will start out as a friendship and then develop into true love. He says that his human will just know it when they see him. He will be more than just a lover. He will be your shoulder to lean on and your support system. He is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. He is very thoughtful and romantic as well. 

He would like to go to a home with animals that has trees or woods nearby. If you do not happen to live near nature he would be happy to go on outings with you to help you connect to nature. 

M’s abilities include boosting intuition, assisting you with foreshadowing, communication via dreams, developing skills in dream work, grounding, and connecting to the earth. M communicates best through telepathy and visions, but also visits in dreams.

Please send me a photo of a clean vessel to use for the binding after you have made your purchase. Thank you!