Master Vessel Service

Master Vessel Service

With this listing I will create and program a master vessel to use for your companions. A master vessel will allow you to copy your companion’s bindings onto one vessel. This will NOT remove bindings from their original vessels. This will work for all of your companions from my shop. You will receive a brief document with simple instructions after your vessel is completed. 

Another plus side of a master vessel is that any future companions you get from me can be easily linked to the master vessel. 

Enchantments can also be added to this vessel using the enchantment add on listing! 

Please note that this master vessel is intended to be used for companions/spell work that you have received from Whimsical Wonders only! 

The MV I offer is specifically meant for companions I offer and because every conjuror does bindings a little differently I wouldn't be able to guarantee compatability without knowing how they did their bindings. Some have more stringent security than others and without knowing all the details it's hard to say if it would be compatible. In this case I would recommend asking the original conjuror that did the binding if their work would be safe for a direct copy to another vessel but I can only personally make a guarantee on my own conjures.

Because I am high risk for Covid, I am only doing these via distance binding for the time being. In the future I will offer physical vessels. 

Please provide photo(s) after checkout of a clean vessel that is free of any other bindings or spellwork and allow at least 4-6 weeks for completion.