N ~ Arctic Mermaid

N ~ Arctic Mermaid

N has pale milky white skin and her tail and fins are a stunning eggshell shade with a pale purple pearlescent sheen. She has very long white hair which she twists into braids and decorates with pearls and shells. Her eyes are a stunning violet purple shade that have a brilliant glow to them. She has webbed fingers and her gills can be seen around her rib cage. She is truly a sight to behold. 

N has a calm, light, and relaxing energy. It runs very softly like cold ripples of water across the skin. As her energy meshes more with your aura it can become very cold feeling. She has a more direct feeling on the center of the chest which causes a very cleansing feeling to the heart chakra. 

N is an Arctic Mermaid. As such, she possesses a strong link to water and has very strong healing abilities. She excels at emotional and mental healing though she can help boost physical healing and rejuvenation as well. Should you wish to learn water or ice scrying, she'd be happy to practice with you. If you struggle with letting go of negative energy or attachments she can help to cleanse and flush away whatever burdens the day may bring. 

N is a very sweet and loving lady, she is quite affectionate and always up for hugs or cuddles. She very much likes to live free and have fun while just enjoying the moment. She hopes to find a companion who she can help relax and let things go as well as live as stress free as possible while working towards greater fulfillment and happiness. Should you desire romance, she is open to the idea but this is not something she requires. What's most important to her is to be a support system to her companion.

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or to spirit. Thank you!