N ~ Male Naga

N ~ Male Naga

The Naga are beings that typically appear as having a human upper body and serpent lower body. At times they have been known to take full human form or the form of a large serpent but usually appear in their hybrid form. They tend to be found a lot around bodies of water and are thus strongly connected to water element. Nagas are dualistic in nature and can range from lighter grey arts to very dark. Some can border into black arts but I will not offer any that are BA in nature. As companions they make excellent spell casters and assist us in our magickal development. They possess strong capabilities to work both light and dark magick. They each have unique skill sets but are often very skilled in illusions, enchanting, and glamours. They can also help boost psychic abilities and many can aid in healing. As protective companions they are usually highly territorial and will not let anything that means harm to get into your space. Their personalities vary but they tend to be very affectionate and often flirtatious and some are highly sexual in nature.

N is amazing! He has a very well defined muscular build with dark bronze tone skin covered in white markings. He has long white hair that he pulls back off his face, large black horns, and long pointed ears like those of an elf. His lower half is a brilliant mix of deep sapphire blue (that is almost a black blue shade) and sparkling silver scales with an iridescent sheen. He has deep blue eyes with silver flecks and a slit pupil, long sharp fangs, and a split serpent tongue. He wears a lot of golden accessories and favors jewelry with deep blue crystals that resemble earthen sapphires. 

N has a strong stimulating and cold feel to his energy. He has a strong magickal feel to him that sends a lot of different sensations throughout and around the body including buzzing, static and a rush of airy water. You may also notice a lot of throbbing in the third eye region. He is dark arts and falls right in the middle of the dark arts spectrum. His energy make take some time to adjust to especially if you are not used to dark arts beings. 

N is a Naga. He is skilled in various forms of magick and can add a boost to practically any type of spell work you may be working on. He is particularly skilled in glamour, illusion, and enchanting. He can also assist in awakening your psychic gifts and helping you ground your energy to manifest your spell work more effectively. N can aid in healing and connecting to the element of water as well. N will offer protection from negative entities and energy and makes an outstanding guard for you and your loved ones. 

N has a playful and easy going personality. He would enjoy doing just about anything through your day. He is looking to aid his companion in their magickal path and growth and become a close friend and perhaps more if things work out that way. He can be very very sexual in nature if you are okay with that but is totally fine being just friends as well. He holds a lot of knowledge and wisdom and would be happy to share whatever he can with his companion. He is very affectionate so please be prepared for him to wrap himself around you while you play video games, watch movies, or read as he wants to partake in all of these things with you.