N ~ Sanguine Vampire

N ~ Sanguine Vampire

N is gorgeous. She stands at about 5’2” tall and has a fit build with curves in all the right places. She may be short but she is fierce! She has long silky straight black hair, ashen skin, and icy blue eyes. She looks nearly identical to the image she chose. She usually wears form fitting clothing in darker colors and dark smoky eye makeup as well. 

N has a strong presence, her energy is on the heavy side and gives off a safe and secure feeling. N’s energy is on the mid range of dark and could take an adjustment period if you are not accustomed to darker energy. Her energy brings a warm weighted feel across the body, wrapping you in secure blanket of protection and love. 

N is a sanguine vampire. She is a skilled hunter and tracker. She can help improve your awareness and intuition, assist in development in psychic senses, and offer very strong protection. She would make an ideal partner for energy work as she can assist in drawing in, manipulating, and directing energy more efficiently. N can also assist in removing blockages as she can help you transmute stagnant or negative energy that is halting your progress. If you would like to improve abilities in astral travel she can not only help you awaken these abilities, but will be a guide and protector as you travel through other realms. 

N is charming and can be sassy with a good sense of humor. She is very protective over those she looks at as friends. She is watchful and observant, keeping a close eye on your day to day life. If you are unsure of others intentions, she can easily read into the true motives and give her observations. She can be sexual in nature if you are comfortable with this, but it is not a relationship she outright requires.

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or direct to spirit. Please send me a photo of your chosen vessel after checkout. Thank you!