N ~ Silver Dragon Shifter

N ~ Silver Dragon Shifter

Dragon shifters have both a dragon and human form. They retain their abilities of their dragon side, for example a red dragon shifter would be very aligned with financial assistance as one of their specialties, a black dragon shifter would make for a more aggressive protector etc. Most dragons are typically social and with dragon shifters you can have a sociable companion who also has a better understanding of human thoughts and emotions. They can assist in a wide variety of magicks depending on the type, protection, cleansing and healing and assisting in spiritual growth. They make excellent companions for support, guidance and teaching. They can be affectionate and some though not all may be open to romance.

N is a stunning Silver Dragon Shifter. In her human form she is about 5’10” tall with a slim yet curvy build. She has very fair skin, very long and thick wavy silver hair, and a pair of black and silver horns atop her head. Her eyes are a striking pale silver shade, almost white and glowing with magick. You will likely only see her wearing black. Black gowns and other fancy clothing is totally her style. She always looks done up and takes pride in her appearance. Her long pointed nails are black and she enjoys wearing dark eye makeup and lipstick. She really loves jewelry and wears many different pieces from her collection which she rotates out frequently. In her dragon form she is the size of a small building but can adjust her size to fit perfectly in your space so don’t worry. She has sparkling silver scales covering her body, sharp black talons, and the same piercing silver eyes. 

N has a strong weighty energy that can be felt as pressure against the body, particularly in the chest area. She has a slight cool breeze like feel to her. Light tickles on top of the skin may be felt in the form of a prickly sensation. Her energy has a strong grounding weight to it. She is not ask dark as a black dragon of course but she is still on the medium-dark end of the grey arts spectrum. 

N is a very magickally inclined lady and can boost your spellwork and can help you develop your abilities both psychically and magickally. She is particularly skilled in illusion based magick. She can help connect you further to your intuition and build your confidence. N can be a guide, teacher, and protector all in one. She will protect you from negative energy and entities and help you to develop at a faster rate. 

N is supportive, kind, and patient. She's very social and always open for chatting about whatever is on your mind. N has a loving personality and may be a bit motherly. She is very much a care giver and she wants to see her human companion succeed and do well in life. She hopes to be a guide and a mentor to her companion. A friend and confident that you can rely on for support, advice, or just to chat with.

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or direct to spirit. Please send me a photo of your chosen vessel after checkout. Thank you!