O ~ Black Dragon Shifter

O ~ Black Dragon Shifter

Dragon shifters have both a dragon and human form. They retain their abilities of their dragon side, for example a red dragon shifter would be very aligned with financial assistance as one of their specialties, a black dragon shifter would make for a more aggressive protector etc. Most dragons are typically social and with dragon shifters you can have a sociable companion who also has a better understanding of human thoughts and emotions. They can assist in a wide variety of magicks depending on the type, protection, cleansing and healing and assisting in spiritual growth. They make excellent companions for support, guidance and teaching. They can be affectionate and some though not all may be open to romance.

O is a stunning creature. In his human form he stands at about 6’2” tall with a muscular build. He has fair skin, short messy blue/black hair, and sparkling sapphire blue eyes. He has large black horns that he will sometimes manifest with. He usually wears darker shades of clothing. In his dragon form he is the size of a house but can shrink down to fit into any space with ease. He is covered in beautiful black scales with a blue sheen. His eyes are the same brilliant sapphire blue shade and he has long razor sharp talons. He looks very similar to the picture he chose. 

O has a very noticeable weight when he is present. I would classify him to be on the darker end of the grey arts spectrum. His energy wraps around you like a firm blanket of protection and has a bit of warmth to it. You may notice noises, minor high pitched ringing, and crackling in the ears as well from his presence. There may be a minor adjustment period if you are not used to heavier energies but this will dissipate shortly with bonding. 

O is a black dragon shifter. With him you will always have a brick wall of protection. He will prevent negative entities from invading your space as well as being a protector against curses or hexes as he can easily block them from reaching you in the first place. He is skilled at magick, particularly protection and transformative magick. He can help you become better at shielding and warding if this is something you need to improve on and would make a good teacher in such practices. 

O is watchful and highly protective. He can be a bit serious but his human shifter side gives a more socially open and interactive side that you may not find with common black dragons. He is looking to be a teacher, guide and protector to his human companion and support you through all your endeavors.

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or direct to spirit. Please send me a photo of your chosen vessel after checkout. Thank you!