Past Life Lessons

Past Life Lessons

This reading will be performed using my Angels & Ancestors Oracle deck. 

This is a 7 card spread (plus any additional cards I am guided to select) that is intended to help you understand any energies you are holding from past lives that can help you with lessons in your current life. You may also learn about what tribes you were a part of in the past. 

This reading is not negative in any way. It will help you connect with soul gifts that have remained with you through the lifetimes. Challenges from past lives may also present themselves and this reading can help you to understand and heal. 

Please note that I cannot guarantee what information will come through during your reading. Sometimes much is revealed and other times only small details are shared, as these things will vary based on your soul’s age, your growth and development, and what you NEED to know about at this current time. I will not pry for more information during this particular reading that is not freely shared with me. 

Once you have received your reading and you review the information revealed, take some time to meditate on the details. See if you can remember what is shared with you. See how things resonate with you. This will help you accept and process this information and apply it to your journey. 

Please also note that the purpose of this reading is not to tell you about EVERY past life, tell you exactly who or what you were in your past life, etc. It is mainly about gifts, energies, karma, lessons, and growth. One reading cannot possibly cover ALL of the information, especially for a very old soul! However, you can always receive additional readings in the future to help you piece things together further.