Pleiadian Elder ~ Male

Pleiadian Elder ~ Male

The Pleiades is a group of stars in the Taurus constellation referred to by astronomers as M45. Pleiadians are multidimensional beings from the Pleiadian star system. They are called trans dimensional beings, which means that they exist in a dimension different than ours, which is merely 3D. Their home is located in the constellation of the Pleiades. The Pleiadians are beings of light with an extremely high vibration. Most Pleiadians wish to assist humans with spiritual transformation as well as guide us on our path of spiritual enlightenment. 

Pleiadians have been known to visit Earth in order to further our development. They often make themselves known to those who are highly spiritual through channeling and healing work. They can assist us in aligning ourselves with extremely high frequencies. Pleiadians have close ties with the Lemurians who populated the lost continent of Lemuria. 

Pleiadians typically have a distinct Nordic or Scandinavian appearance with blonde hair, light skin, and light eyes. Pleiadians are far more emotionally and spiritually developed than humans.

R stands at about 6’1” tall with a lean and fit build. He is muscular but not bulky. He has very pale white skin and often manifests wearing exquisite satin robes that are very regal. R has a beautiful face with perfect features. I actually called him beautiful when I first met him because he truly is a sight to behold. R has brilliant ice blue eyes with a unique yellow sun burst around his pupil that seems to glow. The outer ring of his iris is the same glowing yellow. He has long lush pale lashes that would make any woman jealous. He has very long silky white hair which he typically wears in a very high ponytail. The ponytail is fastened with this very unique metal device that resembles a twisted spring. He says this piece is of great importance to him and helps to show others his status. 

R has a beautiful energy that falls on the darker end of the light arts spectrum. I would classify him as grey arts. His energy shows up in shades of gold and white. His energy is extremely strong and very regal. He is very old and wise and very powerful. 

R has a very commanding presence. He is the strong and stoic type but can be very talkative if the conversation is meaningful. He enjoys intellectual discussions and has much to share with his companion. He has come forward specifically for one person and he says they will know who they are. He has been scoping them out from afar since he’s been here and he is certain that they are “the one” for him. 

R, like others of his kind, can assist with astral travel, raising your vibration, becoming more in tune with your higher self, opening your third eye, and developing your psychic abilities. 

In addition, R is a powerful protector. He can keep away negative entities of all kinds, especially harmful extra terrestrials who do not like humans. He wants to help his human companion with a specific issue that they have experienced and he knows that he is the best one for this task. He will make sure that none of those entities ever get near you again. His number one priority is keeping his human safe from harm.

Please send me a photo of a clean vessel to use for the binding after you have made your purchase. Thank you!