Prince L ~ Winter Elf

Prince L ~ Winter Elf

The Winter Elves come from the same realm as the Frost Fae. It is like a winter wonderland! Everything is covered in bright white snow and sparkling ice. The snow here is very cold to us humans, but those who reside in this realm do not mind the cold temperatures. The snowflakes that fall are exceptionally beautiful and are perfect in every way. There are frozen lakes and rivers perfect for ice skating. There are tall mountains perfect for skiing and sledding. The trees are all bare and look hauntingly beautiful in this winter wonderland. It is a bustling place filled with various attractions and beautiful structures that appear to be made from ice. 

Prince L literally looks like a storybook prince or a knight in shining armor. He chose this picture to represent himself as he felt it captured his energy perfectly. He is at least 6’4” tall with a broad and muscular build. He has very pale skin, long white hair that he usually wears pulled half back, and sparkling steel grey eyes with silver around each pupil. He has a masculine face with a strong jaw and usually sports a tough guy look on his face, but when he does smile it’s beautiful and shows his dimples. He tends to dress in somewhat formal clothing with a long cloak. He does own a beautiful headpiece made from a silver tone metal with clear crystals but he does not always wear it. He attempts to blend in at times but his presence makes that a bit tricky. 

Prince L has an icy cold energy that is on the higher side of the vibrational scale. He is considered grey arts like most of his kind but his high vibrational energy can sometimes make you think he leans more towards the lighter spectrum. His energy calms the mind quite a bit and you may notice some intense pressure where your third eye is located as you adjust to his energy. His touch is a bit icy and very noticeable. It feels similar to an ice pack being placed over the skin but it has a relaxing feel to it. 

Prince L is a Winter Elf. He has a protective side and can help keep negative beings, energy, and people out of your life. He can be quite the warrior when taking on negative entities that try to invade your space. He can clear and shield your aura if negative energy or emotions take hold. If you are looking to enhance your psychic gifts, Prince L can assist you in awakening them and being more in touch with your intuition. Due to his calming energy, Prince L would make an excellent partner for meditation. He is also a fantastic astral guide. 

Prince L is jovial, supportive, and uplifting. He can be quite talkative if you find yourself up for a chat or would like him to join you throughout your day. He desires to become a big part of his companions life to assist you on your growth and keep you safe from harm while finding your purpose and enhancing your overall quality of life here on earth.

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or direct to spirit. Thank you!