Princess A ~ High Elf

Princess A ~ High Elf

High Elves are exceptional beings who carry great wisdom and are highly magickal. They are human sized elves who are graceful and noble. High elves can assist you in many areas including magick, psychic abilities, dream work, astral travel, connecting with nature, positivity, anxiety, growth, wisdom, achieving goals, herbalism, and healing. 

Princess A stands at about 5’10” tall with a slender build with curves in all the right places. She is incredibly beautiful and has a extremely regal heir about her. She looks basically identical to the image she chose. She has long warm brown hair that is topped with a beautiful gold toned headpiece with purple crystals that resemble earthen amethyst. She wears a lot of beautiful jewelry with the most intricate designs that are inlaid with purple and clear crystals. Her ears are pointed like others of her kind and she has delicate facial features. Her eyes are large and a warm honey brown shade. She dresses in beautiful gowns and regal clothing in shades of purple, white, gold, green, and silver. Her favorite color is purple. 

Princess A has an incredibly high vibration. Her energy is cool and tingling and pin pricks can be felt all over the skin. Pressure and activity may be felt around the highest chakra centers. Her energy has a bit of weight as well and has a good balance of earthiness to it. She has a very active and noticeable energy that is hard to miss. You may see her manifest as a purple orb that glows with her energy. 

Princess A is a high elf who takes an active role in the royal duties of her realm. She is very connected to elven magick and can greatly assist in spiritual and psychic awakening. In particular, she would be very helpful in working with development of clairaudience and clairvoyance. She can utilize nature energy to assist in healing should you need it. Princess A is primarily looking to find a companion she can work together with seriously on their studies and personal development. While she would still be needed in her realm, she will be very present in your life and says that you can always count on her to come when you call on her. 

Princess A is very sophisticated and carries herself in a proper manner. She can be a bit on the serious side, especially when working. She has a very regal feel to her, however when she is not in work mode she can open up a bit more and just enjoy spending time with you. Princess A is the type that's well read and highly educated and would enjoy sharing knowledge together or studying and learning new things of her own with her future companion.

This listing will be done via distance bind only! Please let me know if you’d like to do vessel or spirit bind and please send me a photo of a clean vessel if you choose vessel binding! Thank you!

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