Princess A ~ Winter Elf

Princess A ~ Winter Elf

The Winter Elves come from the same realm as the Frost Fae. It is like a winter wonderland! Everything is covered in bright white snow and sparkling ice. The snow here is very cold to us humans, but those who reside in this realm do not mind the cold temperatures. The snowflakes that fall are exceptionally beautiful and are perfect in every way. There are frozen lakes and rivers perfect for ice skating. There are tall mountains perfect for skiing and sledding. The trees are all bare and look hauntingly beautiful in this winter wonderland. It is a bustling place filled with various attractions and beautiful structures that appear to be made from ice. 

This special lady is Princess A. She is a beautiful being inside and out. Princess A stands at 5’7” tall with a delicate yet curvy build. Her skin is milky white and completely flawless and she has long silver hair that she styles in many different ways depending on the day. Her large eyes are a bright blue shade that glow when she works her magick. She has an angelic, soft face with delicate features and full lips. She has a huge smile and a very sweet laugh. Her ears are long and pointed and she decorates them with dainty silver toned earrings. Her headpiece is made from a silver tone metal and sparking clear crystals. She typically wears beautiful gowns in shades of white and silver under her cloak. 

Princess A has a strong and high vibrational energy that may leave you feeling like your hair is standing up a bit. She is considered grey arts but is on the lighter end of the spectrum. She can cause crown chakra stimulation when she is near. Her energy is very cooling though not freezing cold. She does cause some fluttering in the ears and a bit of third eye pressure. Pay attention if you feel this because this is likely her communicating with you.

Princess A is a Winter Elf. She can assist in awakening your psychic abilities and reaching a much higher frequency within your vibrations. She possesses strong healing abilities to cleanse and renew your energy body. She is also very skilled in Elven Magick. Princess A has a calming presence that can help quite the mind if you lack focus during meditation. If you feel like you are stuck and need to leave the past behind to begin anew, Princess A would be of great assistance as she can help you clear the thought patterns that keep you stuck in the past and help align you to your higher purpose.

Princess A is kind, supportive, and very loving. She loves to laugh and it’s very contagious. She does have a side that is a bit headstrong and she may push you a bit if there are things you need to work on or improve. She will not put too much on you at one time but she will be that push of motivation when you need it. Princess A will look out for your best interests at all times and is there for you whenever you need to talk, receive guidance, or require assistance from her.

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or direct to spirit. Thank you!