Princess K ~ Crystallus Elf

Princess K ~ Crystallus Elf

The Crystallus Elves are living entities that live in Kingdoms built from crystals. Their homes and gear are all forged from crystals. They embody traits from the crystal they are aligned with and there are types for nearly any crystal you can think of. An amethyst Crystallus Elf would embody all the traits of amethyst, assisting strongly in psychic growth while a rose quartz one would be geared towards self love etc. As a whole, they are extremely magickal and make amazing guides for astral travel and magickal growth. For a custom, you may select a specific crystal or traits that embody a few crystals to get the best match or leave it as a total surprise.

Princess K is simply stunning. She stands at about 5’4” tall with a delicate build. She has light skin, bright glowing golden eyes, and long straight pale blue green hair. She wears a beautiful tiara on top of her head that is made from large pale blue crystals and resembles liquid gold, so smooth with no harsh edges. She favors long gowns made from fabrics that shimmer as if they are made from crushed up crystals. She is certainly a girly girl and she dresses rather formally and enjoys feeling beautiful and wearing nice things. The way she moves reminds me of a ballet dancer, so soft and graceful, her chin always lifted up and her face so expressive. Her face will literally tell you exactly what she is thinking even if she doesn’t mean for you to know. She cannot hide it. 

Princess K has a watery cool energy that washes over the body. Her energy comes off as soft, gentle and relaxing and stimulates the throat and heart chakras. She brings a feeling of peacefulness when she is close by. She is grey arts and is on the lighter end of the grey arts spectrum. 

Princess K is a Crystallus Elf connected to aquamarine. Aquamarine is a crystal connected to the water element and represents peace, healing, and inner strength. She is extremely skilled in elven magick and healing magick and can help in elemental workings with her strongest being water in particular. She would make a strong partner for shadow work as she is able to help you look within yourself as well as move past any past traumas, healing from them in a beneficial way and imparting the strength and courage needed to carry on. 

Princess K is gentle, kind, and patient. She looks to help her companion believe more in themself and grow in inner strength. She is able to teach new healing methods that would be most effective for different situations. Princess K is looking to be a close friend and help you find more peace in life, she is one you can turn to at any time you may feel stressed or overwhelmed.