Princess N ~ Lunar Elf

Princess N ~ Lunar Elf

The Lunar Elves are closely aligned with the moon cycle and can draw on the energy during the various phases to empower spellwork or bring cleansing and healing. They can make great companions for teaching and guidance or even be a supportive friend. Many of them can help increase psychic abilities and as a whole they can help you more effectively utilize the energy of the moon. 

Princess N is stunningly beautiful. She stands at about 5’8” tall with caramel skin with a blue shimmering sheen, long straight blue-black hair, and glowing pale silver-blue eyes. She tends to dress in all black or dark blue dresses. She looks nearly identical to the image she chose to represent her. 

Princess N has a breezy tingly energy. Her energy is mostly neutral in temperature leaning towards a very light coolness. Princess N is considered grey arts and is on the darker end of the grey arts spectrum. She causes stimulation to the higher chakras when she is near. The cooler part of her temperature tends to hang around the top of the head near the crown and soul star chakra. Princess N has a very strong magickal feel to her when she is nearby.

Princess N is a lunar elf. She is a princess in her kingdom and is an excellent spell caster. She can draw on lunar energy and the cycles of the moon for self empowerment, psychic awakening, healing, connecting to intuition, and boosting self esteem and confidence. Princess N would also make a good partner to practice divination with. She desires to be a teacher, a guide, and a close friend to her companion. 

Princess N is positive and motivating, she will push you in the right direction but she is patient and will go at your own pace. She will be an uplifting friend and teacher with your best interest in mind. Princess N is sweet and caring and wants you to make the most out of your time on earth.