Queen A ~ Crystallus Elf

Queen A ~ Crystallus Elf

The Crystallus Elves are living entities that live in Kingdoms built from crystals. Their homes and gear are all forged from crystals. They embody traits from the crystal they are aligned with and there are types for nearly any crystal you can think of. An amethyst Crystallus Elf would embody all the traits of amethyst, assisting strongly in psychic growth while a rose quartz one would be geared towards self love etc. As a whole, they are extremely magickal and make amazing guides for astral travel and magickal growth. For a custom, you may select a specific crystal or traits that embody a few crystals to get the best match or leave it as a total surprise.

Queen A stands at about 5’4” tall with a delicate, slender build. She has perfect pale skin like that of a porcelain doll, long curly golden brown hair, and brilliant, sparkling golden eyes. She dresses in stunning gowns that sparkle as if they are alive and wears a beautiful golden crown adorned with various crystals. Her limbs are slender and long, longer than those of a human and give her a unique and ethereal look. Her fingers are long, thin, and delicate. She walks with a graceful stride, head held high, and shoulders back. She favors gold toned jewelry and crystals of many types. 

Queen A has a warm energy that feels like a mix between grounding earthen energy and passionate fiery energy. When she is near you may feel warmth or heat, especially in your solar plexus and sacral chakras. She is considered grey arts and is on the lighter end of the grey arts spectrum. 

Queen A is a Crystallus Elf who is connected to pyrite and golden healer quartz. She is a powerful woman with many talents. She is highly skilled in Elven magick and would love to be a teacher or mentor to her human companion. She is a fierce protector and excels in shielding and warding. She can clear away negative energies with ease and help you raise your vibration, knocking away all residual negativity. She is very optimistic and has a sunny disposition. She can help you look at things in a new and more positive light. Call upon her to assist you with any magick related to abundance, prosperity, health, and creativity. She can help give you a boost in many areas and also give you that push you need to move forward on your path. 

Queen A is friendly, kind, caring, and supportive. She would like to take on the role of mentor or even a maternal figure. She is a patient teacher and would like to share her knowledge with her human companion. If you practice Magick, she would love to work right alongside you. If you don’t practice, she is happy to cast on your behalf. Simply call to her and let her know what you would like to work on and she will be happy to help. Please remember that she is a queen and deserves respect at all times.