Queen S ~ Cerah Fae

Queen S ~ Cerah Fae

The Cerah Fae are dual natured and will work with both light and dark magick. They are predominantly nocturnal in activity and have a unique ability to enter dreams with ease. They are highly influential and have a strong sense for justice. They make for a strong protective and loyal companion as well as an ideal companion for dream and astral work. They can also help you tap into your psychic abilities more effectively. Some may desire a romantic relationship and can be sexual in nature so please let me know if this is something you are not open to and I will find one that is happy to just be a friend.

Queen S is stunning! She is human size and stands at about 5’6” tall. She has a long and lean build with pale skin and long thick and curly light brown hair that is somewhat wild as it seems to have a life of its own. Her face is so delicate and she has the most beautiful aquamarine colored eyes that completely light up and sparkle so bright. Her ears are long and pointed like those of an elf and are adorned by beautiful delicate earrings. Her wings are very large and iridescent a cross between a butterfly and a dragonfly and are a sheer blue green shade. She typically dresses in very revealing yet very regal pieces that appear to be a mix between a gown and lingerie. Flowers are often woven into her outfits or used as accessories. Her crown is made out of a silver tone metal with hundreds of sparkling crystals set in it. She wears a mix of exquisite jewelry made from crystals and gems and items made from flowers and plants. When she flies about she leaves a beautiful glow around her wings, kind of like a trail of light and sparkles that you will likely pick up on even if you don’t see her directly. Look for blue and green sparkles and lights when she is near. 

Queen S has a very strong energy that seems to hover above the head and crown chakra. Her energy is very stimulating to the higher chakras. She has a noticeable heavy weight when she is close by. Everything from shocks and tingles to temperature shifts can be felt and you may even notice parts of you feeling cool while others feel much warmer as her energy feels very much on the move, just as she is. 

Queen S is a Cerah Fae. She offers powerful protection against negative influences and can call on her Kingdom for support at any time. She has little tolerance for disrespect or those that would use you to their advantage. She can greatly assist in helping you communicate more efficiently with other spirits and entities. Queen S is well rounded in fae magick and has something to offer for practically any situation, she is also very influential and can sway others opinions. She can help you to develop your abilities for astral travel and communicates very well in dream states. If you’d like to practice dream work she would make an outstanding teacher. 

Queen S is VERY confident and proud. She is extremely protective of those she is close to and cares about. She has a sweet and supportive side but also a vengeful side when those she cares about are harmed or threatened. She is looking to form a very close bond and be a guide and protector to her companion. Queen S can be sexual in nature but doesn't require that sort of relationship if you’d prefer to just be friends.