R ~ Crystallus Elf

R ~ Crystallus Elf

The Crystallus Elves are living entities that live in Kingdoms built from crystals. Their homes and gear are all forged from crystals. They embody traits from the crystal they are aligned with and there are types for nearly any crystal you can think of. An amethyst Crystallus Elf would embody all the traits of amethyst, assisting strongly in psychic growth while a rose quartz one would be geared towards self love etc. As a whole, they are extremely magickal and make amazing guides for astral travel and magickal growth. For a custom, you may select a specific crystal or traits that embody a few crystals to get the best match or leave it as a total surprise.

R stands at about 5’5” tall with a slim build. She has light purple-grey skin, long straight silver and purple hair, and large glowing lilac colored eyes. Her style is a bit sexier than the princess that was listed. She prefers fitted gowns and enjoys showing a bit more skin than some of her kind. Her dresses are made up of sparkly material that looks like thousands of tiny crystals woven together that seem to cling to the skin. She looks very much like the image she chose to represent her. 

R has a high vibrational and strong energy that feels on the cool side. She strongly stimulates the third eye and crown chakras and you may notice a strong pressure in these areas when she is close. She is considered grey arts and is on the lighter end of the grey arts spectrum. 

R is a Crystallus Elf connected to amethyst. Amethyst represents peace, intuition and psychic growth. She can help tap into your clairvoyant abilities, connect to intuition and all around psychic enhancement. She can assist in dreamwork and astral travel. R is magickally gifted, particularly with spell work leading to inner growth and change. She can also greatly assist in finding peace and tranquility during trying and stressful situations in life. She specializes in dream work and astral travel so she would love to be your guide! Just invite her to join you before bed and she will be there. 

R has a loving and peaceful disposition. She is supportive, uplifting and brings about a sense of calm. She would make for a good close friend and patient teacher. R is looking to help someone tap into their full potential and become an active part of their day to day life.