R ~ Male Naga

R ~ Male Naga

The Naga are beings that typically appear as having a human upper body and serpent lower body. At times they have been known to take full human form or the form of a large serpent but usually appear in their hybrid form. They tend to be found a lot around bodies of water and are thus strongly connected to water element. Nagas are dualistic in nature and can range from lighter grey arts to very dark. Some can border into black arts but I will not offer any that are BA in nature. As companions they make excellent spell casters and assist us in our magickal development. They possess strong capabilities to work both light and dark magick. They each have unique skill sets but are often very skilled in illusions, enchanting, and glamours. They can also help boost psychic abilities and many can aid in healing. As protective companions they are usually highly territorial and will not let anything that means harm to get into your space. Their personalities vary but they tend to be very affectionate and often flirtatious and some are highly sexual in nature.

R sports a rebel look and it’s so perfect for him. He has a slim yet fit build with ashen skin, short-medium length hair styled in a modern fashion, and very pale glowing golden eyes. His lower half is covered in black and red scales that have a beautiful shimmering sheen when the light hits them. He has 2 rather large black horns with dark red tips, slit pupils, and a serpents tongue. He doesn’t wear clothing and he’s not big into accessories either. You may occasionally see him wearing a simple pendant but I have yet to see him in anything else. 

R has a weighty and slightly chilly energy. His energy packs a lot of weight, feeling like a dark and watery presence and you may notice some shivers here and there. Strong pressure in the third eye region is also likely to occur. He is considered dark arts and is right in the middle of the dark arts spectrum. 

R is a Naga. He is quite magickally gifted, he is proficient in light and dark though leans more towards dark. If you would like assistance casting he would be glad to lend a hand, he is also willing to teach what he knows so you can apply it in your own life. Like a snake that sheds its skin, R can help you shed away the parts of your life that are better left in the past, leaving room for more opportunities. As is common with Nagas, he is skilled in magick pertaining to illusion and glamour as well as manifesting. R is quite protective when it comes to keeping those he cares about safe.

R is a steadfast defender, always aware of his surroundings and the things going on around him. He is supportive and can be very affectionate. Should a sexual relationship be desired he is very willing to go that route.