R ~ Seraphim

R ~ Seraphim

Seraphim are the Highest Order of Angels in the Heavenly Hierarchy. They are beings of pure light, Angels of love and fire. They radiate Pure Divine Light. These Angels work with huge inner reserves of compassion and Divine love. They constantly focus on raising the rate of their vibrations to maintain the Divine energy stable and untainted. Seraphim are the ones who prevent the Divine from being even a little bit tainted with negative energy. They help create and convey positive energy all the way through the other Angelic groups down to the physical realms. Seraphim are intellectual angels with a divine consciousness, who are burning up of self-awareness that accompanies deep spiritual comprehension of divine reality.

R is a beautiful being. He is very tall standing at about 6’6” and his wings are huge and bright white with gold feathers scattered throughout. His skin is a milky white shade and he has a muscular build. He has short somewhat spiky white blonde hair and glowing golden eyes. He gives off an incredibly strong and bright golden white light that may take some getting used to when looking at him. He tends to look pretty serious when he’s working but can relax and kick back when he’s not “on duty”. 

R has a very high vibration and almost electrified energy. His energy produces strong effects on the third eye and crown that may possibly lead to minor headaches while you adjust to his frequency. He is most easily felt by the cooling and electrical sensation that flows around and above the head when he is close. He is light arts but has a very strong energy that’s easy to pick up on. Daily meditation and bonding will certainly help with the adjustment period. 

R is a Seraphim. He makes for a strong wall of protection and can help cleanse your space of negative energy. He has little patience for trickster and parasitic entities that try to intrude in your life and will make short work of them should they even attempt. He possesses healing abilities and can help in shielding and neutralizing harmful magick sent against you.

R is looking to be a protector and guide for his companion and be one you can turn to to steer you in the right direction. He has a more serious demeanor but is not at all unapproachable and is open to discussing and chatting about whatever is on your mind if you need advice or just to talk. R is supportive and will look out for your best interest at all times.