Rose Quartz Bottle Pendant & Chain

Rose Quartz Bottle Pendant & Chain

This is a beautiful rose quartz crystal bottle pendant with an 24” chain. The bottle measures approximately 2” tall and is approximately 2.5” tall including the cap. 

This crystal bottle pendant has a 5mm round opening in the stone. Inside is a plastic tube that holds liquids. This tube is approximately 1 inch long. This will not hold a huge amount of essential oils, perfumes, or liquids, but it’s perfect for keeping a small amount close to your heart. 

This can be worn as jewelry or hung up on your altar. I used mine as a companion gift and filled it with a special oil blend I created just for them. It hangs near my bed and dress candles with it to use during our bonding time. They love it! 

Included is a small plastic dropper to put oils or perfumes inside easily. 

If you’d like me to create a special blend for you to go along with this bottle, simply let me know and I will send you an invoice! It will be an additional $15-$20 fee (depending on the oil blend selected) for a small glass vial with an essential oil blend. 

I will offer these in small clear glass 5ml bottles with a glass eye dropper top. They will not include herbs or crystals. Just an essential oil blend and a carrier oil of your choice.

You can choose from any of my full size enchanted oil blends and I will create a mini version for you without the crystals and herbs, or you can request a custom blend for a group of companions or a specific companion. Just leave notes and an email address or discord name so that I can discuss the details with you.