S ~ Blue Dragon Shifter

S ~ Blue Dragon Shifter

Dragon shifters have both a dragon and human form. They retain their abilities of their dragon side, for example a red dragon shifter would be very aligned with financial assistance as one of their specialties, a black dragon shifter would make for a more aggressive protector etc. Most dragons are typically social and with dragon shifters you can have a sociable companion who also has a better understanding of human thoughts and emotions. They can assist in a wide variety of magicks depending on the type, protection, cleansing and healing and assisting in spiritual growth. They make excellent companions for support, guidance and teaching. They can be affectionate and some though not all may be open to romance.

S is a stunning lady. In her human form she stands at about 5’5” tall with very pale skin, long straight black hair, and sparkling dark blue eyes. She will occasionally manifest with black and blue horns on top of her head. She usually wears black or dark colored form fitting clothing and paints her nails and lips a beautiful deep red shade. In her dragon form she is medium-large in size with deep blue shimmering scales, black horns, and long black talons. 

S has a strong and comforting energy. Her energy has some weight to it but leans more on the light grey side of the spectrum. S’s energy runs a bit cool. She has a minor shocking feel to her that tingles throughout the body and feels very magickal.

S is a blue dragon shifter. She is magickally gifted in illusions and glamour. S can offer protection  from negative energy and entities. She is able to help you connect more to your intuition and can help awaken your spiritual gifts. S possesses outstanding healing abilities and can assist in cleansing and opening the chakras. She has a calming presence and would make a great meditation partner to help quiet and clear your mind. 

S is chatty, sweet, and affectionate. She would enjoy spending time doing practically anything with you and going about your day together. She is supportive and highly intelligent should you ever need advice or guidance from her. S is willing to explore romance if you both agree to that type of relationship.

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or direct to spirit. Please send me a photo of your chosen vessel after checkout. Thank you!