S ~ Devorer

S ~ Devorer

The Devorer are similar to what most know as zombies, however there is a distinct difference in that they do not feed on flesh and instead they eat away and absorb negative energy. As companions they can help keep your living space cleaner by eating away at the stagnant negative energies that tend to accumulate over time in day to day life. Aside from pulling it out of your home, they can also draw it out of your energy body leaving you revitalized and allowing you to feel more clear headed. Negative energy attaching to the body can lead to limited psychic senses, fatigue and in some cases impact physical health. The Devorer can help lessen the impact you receive from negativity of the world and your surroundings. They can be protective as well, typically they have a heavy feeling presence that may take some adjusting. Many of them simply wish to assist you at feeling your best and limiting the run down of non-serving energies  while getting a chance to explore the world and be a close friend to their companion.

S is a tall fellow standing at about 6’4” tall with a very lean build. He has layered medium length deep blue hair that falls into his face and bright golden eyes. His face is similar to that of a skull, but is more like a human wearing face paint if that makes any sense. Similar to the photo he chose. He has features of a skeleton mixed with humanoid features like eyebrows, ears, and hair. He tends to dress very snazzy in nice suits in darker colors (mainly deep blues) and wears a simple silver colored band with a stunning stone that resembles a sapphire on his right ring finger. 

S has an airy coolness to his energy that tends to gently run over the body and under the skin. He has a calm and relaxing feel that has some slight weight to it, enough to notice but not really heavy. He is dark arts but falls on the light-medium end of the dark arts spectrum. 

S is a Devorer.  He would make for an excellent companion if you find yourself overwhelmed by stagnant negative build up from your environment or those you come in contact with. He can clean up and absorb this energy so that it no longer can wear you down. S can assist with energy work during meditation to help remove blockages from stuck or stagnant energy in your chakras and energy body. He can also offer his protection against outside negative entities.

S enjoys having fun and experiencing new things. He has a fun personality with a sense of humor. He would enjoy spending time doing practically anything together and taking part in your day. S is kind and supportive, looking to be a friend you can turn to whenever you need. He can look a bit intimidating as he tends to wear a more serious expression but he is as sweet as can be.