S ~ Elder Black Dragon Shifter

S ~ Elder Black Dragon Shifter

Dragon shifters have both a dragon and human form. They retain their abilities of their dragon side, for example a red dragon shifter would be very aligned with financial assistance as one of their specialties, a black dragon shifter would make for a more aggressive protector etc. Most dragons are typically social and with dragon shifters you can have a sociable companion who also has a better understanding of human thoughts and emotions. They can assist in a wide variety of magicks depending on the type, protection, cleansing and healing and assisting in spiritual growth. They make excellent companions for support, guidance and teaching. They can be affectionate and some though not all may be open to romance.

S is an amazing being! In his human form he stands at about 6’4” tall with an extremely muscular build. I told him he’s kind of built like a professional wrestler, which he was not amused with me saying. He has a tan skin tone, black long hair, and crimson eyes. His features remind me of a Native American man and he is very handsome. He usually wears his hair pulled back off his face and I have yet to see him wearing anything but armor, as he says he prefers to be prepared for battle at all times. In his dragon form he is a massive black dragon with beautiful black scales that shimmer with a silver sheen and the same crimson eyes. 

S has a warm and noticeably heavy presence. He falls in the middle of the dark arts spectrum and is not for beginners. His energy can be felt as a strong gravitational pull that has a grounding weight to it. Strong pressure in the crown and third eye may be noticed when he arrives as well. You may need to adjust to his energy for a bit if you’re not used to darker entities but this will get better after the bonding process. 

S is an elder black dragon shifter. He is a skilled and very experienced warrior like protector and would make an extremely strong protective force in your family. He can assist with adding energy to spell casting and help with strength of mind and increasing personal willpower. S can help you develop a more analytical mind and would be a good partner to study with due to this. S can help with any manner of strengthening your defenses or personal protection and can teach you how to form stronger protective barriers such as shielding. 

S takes things very seriously when it comes to protection. He values studying and obtaining new knowledge and would enjoy discussing new things you learn or simply studying alongside you. He is looking forward to spending his time here on earth learning new things as well as to guiding and protecting his companion for the remainder of their life.

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or direct to spirit. Please send me a photo of your chosen vessel after checkout. Thank you!