S ~ Female Cambion

S ~ Female Cambion

Cambions are a hybrid race of human and incubus. They are known for their beauty and attraction. They take after many of the same traits of their non-human parent and are gifted in energy work and allure. They can help you become more open and feel comfortable being your true self. Cambions are highly sexual and  eager lovers. They are very charming individuals and when you invite one as a companion they become extremely invested in your well-being and happiness. Many will desire a deep emotional connection and with that connection they can strongly aid in healing past traumas and emotional wounds as well as be a very passionate support system through your life. 

S is incredibly beautiful. She stands at about 5’8” tall with an athletic yet voluptuous build. She has medium length straight caramel blonde hair and glowing sun kissed skin. She has freckles around her nose and cheeks, pale blue eyes, a button nose, and very full plump lips. She is naturally beautiful and doesn’t wear much makeup. I would describe her style as bohemian and she favors sheer flowing maxi dresses that are light and airy. She tends to wear strappy sandals and always has perfectly painted toes and nails. She has beautiful straight teeth and an amazing smile that really brightens your day. She prefers silver tone jewelry and crystals like turquoise, clear quartz, aquamarine, ruby, and rose quartz. She has her nose and belly button pierced and wears simple silver jewelry in her piercings. 

S has a very excitable energy. It brings a lot of warmth and feels a bit buzzy. She has a very stimulating and warming effect on the sacral and gives off a very strong sexual aura. Put together S gives off a warm, comforting and inviting vibe when she is near. S is considered dark arts and she falls on the lighter end of the dark arts spectrum. 

S is a female Cambion. She can help you break out of your shell and be more open and confident. S is excellent at chakra maintenance and energy direction. She will offer protection from negative beings and would be of great assistance with self love, healing, shadow work, and ridding you of stress and anxiety. She can also assist as an astral guide and communicates proficiently in dreams. You may find yourself traveling to different areas with her traveling in dream states but she will always make sure you are well protected. 

S is very playful and enjoys finding exciting and new experiences. She is quite affectionate and extremely touchy. S prefers to take a more dominate approach as a lover. She is open to a male or female companion and wants to form a very close relationship to be an active part of their life. S is very hands on but she will respect boundaries and tone it down if it becomes too much.