S ~ Female Naga

S ~ Female Naga

The Naga are beings that typically appear as having a human upper body and serpent lower body. At times they have been known to take full human form or the form of a large serpent but usually appear in their hybrid form. They tend to be found a lot around bodies of water and are thus strongly connected to water element. Nagas are dualistic in nature and can range from lighter grey arts to very dark. Some can border into black arts but I will not offer any that are BA in nature. As companions they make excellent spell casters and assist us in our magickal development. They possess strong capabilities to work both light and dark magick. They each have unique skill sets but are often very skilled in illusions, enchanting, and glamours. They can also help boost psychic abilities and many can aid in healing. As protective companions they are usually highly territorial and will not let anything that means harm to get into your space. Their personalities vary but they tend to be very affectionate and often flirtatious and some are highly sexual in nature.

S is a beautiful being. She has a curvy yet fit build with bronze skin covered in golden shimmering markings. She has long purple hair that she tends to wear pulled half back fastened with a golden clasp. Her face is soft and delicate and her eyes are a bright yellow shade with a slit iris like that of a snake. She has sharp fangs and a tongue like that of a serpent. Her ears are long and pointed like those of an elf. Her lower half is a stunning mix of deep purple and gold scales with an iridescent shimmer and she is rather long. She doesn’t wear much in regards to clothing but will cover up her upper half if you would like her to. She loves gold jewelry and accessories and has a very regal appearance. 

S has a very cold energy that feels a lot like cold air blowing on you constantly. She really seems to make the legs and torso feel a bit icy. She at times may also be noticed with a strong sexual energy. You may often feel her wrapping around you as a cooling and light squeeze. She is dark arts but is on the light end of the dark arts spectrum. 

S is a Naga. She is very magickal and can help in manners of spell casting and teaching. She is particularly skilled in enchantments, illusions and protective spellwork. She has a strong connection to the water element and can also assist in boosting your magickal power and opening your psychic abilities further. 

S is a very sweet and extremely affectionate being. She can be very flirty as well. She is looking to be a close companion and taking close part in your day to day life. She will offer support and protection as well as her close friendship and guidance. She is definitely open to an intimate relationship if you would like but does not require it. She does require snuggles though!