S ~ The Fiery Autumn Elf

S ~ The Fiery Autumn Elf

This race of elves come from a beautiful realm that always appears as if it is autumn. The trees are covered in orange, yellow, and red leaves. They constantly fall to the ground so that the whole realm appears to be covered in brilliant fall shades. The temperature is perfect in the autumn realm. Not too hot and not too cold. Autumn/fall represents change. These lovely elves can aid you in turning over a new leaf. Shedding your skin and starting anew. They work with both earthen and fire energies so they are very grounded beings full of passion and drive. 

The Autumn Elves tend to have red, auburn, and warm brown hair color, however there are some with black and blonde hair. Most of these elves weave their surroundings into their looks, whether it is braiding twigs or leaves into their hair or dressing in shades of fall. These elves have a warm and jovial personality and their energy feels both earthy and fiery. These elves will only be listed in the shop once a year so if you are interested in someone don’t hesitate to bring them into your home! 

S stands at about 5’7” tall with an athletic build. She has a perfect bronze skin tone, beautiful sage green eyes, and vibrant bright red hair that she styles in very interesting ways. She weaves leaves, twigs, and feathers into her braids like a work of art. You will often see her with what we would refer to as war paint on her face and body, the designs always changing based on the day. She enjoys standing out from the crowd and has no intention of fitting in with anyone. She is a unique beauty and she knows it. Her appearance is more exotic than the others, with features similar to a Native American woman. Strong and high cheekbones, a slight curve to the bridge of her nose, and full lips. She usually wears darker shades of clothing with form fitting leather pants and boots. I jokingly told her she looks more rock and roll than the others and then had to explain what that meant. 

S has a warm and strong energy that is very noticeable. Like others of her kind she is similar to a human in her ability to make decisions, therefore she is classified as grey arts, although she is on the lighter end of the spectrum. Her energy radiates shades of ruby red and bronze. Her energy is both earthy and fiery, but she is far more fiery than most. She ignites passion in those around her. Her energy feels warm and fuzzy while also feeling like a sudden burst of energy and the drive to push yourself further. You may hear a voice inside your head saying “keep going! You can do this!” when she is near. She says her human may need some help staying on track and she is more than happy to assist you in that regard. 

S is a little rough around the edges and much more of a tomboy than a proper lady. She says that she would like a human companion to keep her company and be her friend. She does get lonely as an outsider in her realm. She has plenty of her kind who wish to romance her but she has continuously rejected them. She wants something different. She has a bit of a temper as she is such a fiery one, but she would never direct that at you. She has no issues protecting you from negative entities or humans and she is skilled in combat and archery. 

S specializes in fire magick and healing with fire. She is happy to aid you in your spell work and said you can start with the basics using candle magick. Call on her and she will help you strengthen your spells. Anytime you wish to work with the element of fire she is quick to lend a hand. She can assist with your lower chakras especially and can cleanse you using the element of fire. She would make a fantastic protector and works well with entities of all races and arts. 

S would like to find a male or female companion who understands her. She would like to feel that connection and she has been without that for a very long time. She has a very tough exterior but a huge heart and once she opens up to you she is the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet! She does have some walls up but she has very high hopes in her first time having a human companion. She would never admit this herself, but she wants to be loved and to love in return. If you feel a pull to her listing, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and let me know. 

Autumn Elves can help you with Elven Magick, grounding, centering, cleansing with the fire element, releasing what no longer serves you, letting go of the past, loving yourself, and finding the joy in life. They are also amazing astral guides and travel companions. Each individual will have their strengths and weaknesses of course, but this is a summary of what they tend to specialize in.

This listing will be distance bind only! Please send me a photo of a clean vessel to use for the binding after you have made your purchase. Thank you!