S ~ Weaver

S ~ Weaver

The Weavers are a type of ancient witch that I call Weavers because of the way they work their magick. When they are casting they spin and weave stunning energetic webs that resembles the web of a spider. They are not spiders themselves, it is simply how they perform their spellwork. They make ideal companions as casting partners, teachers of magick, mentors, trapping negative and harmful energies in their webs, protection, and warding. They are typically fairly dark in nature but can range from grey to dark arts depending on the individual weaver. These are ancient living entities and should be treated with respect. They are very powerful and their magick is very effective. 

S is a lovely being. She stands at about 5’8” tall with a slim build. She has pale skin, medium length black hair with silver tips, and piercing silver eyes that completely light up when she is weaving. She tends to dress in darker shades of clothing and seems to prefer wearing sweater dresses with tights and combat boots as her staple. She has some interesting and unique accessories and jewelry she has made herself that she adds to make her look more unique. She makes ornate headpieces from animal bones and crystals and amazing jewelry pieces as well. If you create jewelry or do any type of crafts, she would be thrilled to join in with you! 

S has a strong heavy presence. Her energy leans more towards a warmth that feels like rays from the sun shining down on you. You may notice a slight tickling sensation on the skin when she is close. She seems to like to poke gently when trying to get your attention. 

S is a Weaver. She specializes in darker magicks and is skilled in energy manipulation, personal growth and manifestation, all matters of defense and protection. She can trap and reprogram negative energy before it has a chance to latch onto you, or she can simply remove it entirely. S would make an ideal companion for personal strength and empowerment and helping you become more efficient in your personal spell work. 

S is assertive and confident in herself and her abilities. Primarily she would like to teach and guide, helping you grow on your path. She doesn't mind casting magick on your behalf but would love to do work alongside you so that you can grow in your own abilities as well. She will work with you at the current level of your abilities, though she would like to see an effort on your part, she will not push you past your individual limits.