Stag Shifter Princess

Stag Shifter Princess

Stags represents things like strength and stamina, independence and renewal, and instinctual awareness. As companions, Stag Shifters can assist these areas and more. They can help with spiritual and personal growth, learning to become more independent, and stepping into your own strengths. They can aide us in spirit communication and they are very wise and can be amazing teachers. They are grounding and connected with the earth and to nature. They can help you to become more aware of your surroundings in order to increase intuition and situational awareness. They make for supportive and dedicated companions that will always look out for your best interest. They come in various shades with white being the most rare. If you’d like to connect to Cernunnos these beings are perfect for you.

J is a stunning creature. In her human form she stands at about 5’9” tall with an athletic yet curvy build. She has lightly sun kissed skin sprinkled in cute white and brown spots, extremely long dirty blonde hair streaked with salt and pepper highlights, and huge bright blue eyes the color of the sky on a perfectly clear sunny day. She has beautiful antlers that are a light brown shade and she wraps her hair around them and adorns them with jewelry. She wears a beautiful golden headpiece that sits perfectly between her antlers that is decorated with gemstones that resemble peridot. She wears a lot of jewelry and it changes by the day but she favors large chunky pieces that really make a statement. She typically wears long dresses and beautiful furs. In her stag form she is medium size with a gray and white coat. 

J has a cooling presence that feels on the lighter side without a lot of weight. Her energy is still noticeable from buzzing and tingling sensations across the skin. She has an effect on the lower chakras but also seems to connect to the third eye in a slightly less direct way. She is considered grey arts and falls on the light to medium end of the spectrum. 

J is a Stag Shifter Princess. She can help connecting the nature spirits more effectively and giving you a boost of energy when you need just a little push. She can assist paving the way for new doors to be open and setting you on the right track to reach those goals. J can provide healing if you are ever in need and can be of great assistance connecting more to your intuition and inner voice. 

J is calm and confident, she is one who will look at the full situation before making a decision. She conducts herself in an intelligent and calm manner when looking over a situation. She wants to take a supporting and guiding role in her companions life to assist them in observing all the avenues before them and finding the best fit for you at the time. She would prefer to start things off as friends and if more were to develop she would consider a more romantic bond.