T ~ Autumn Elf

T ~ Autumn Elf

This race of elves come from a beautiful realm that always appears as if it is autumn. The trees are covered in orange, yellow, and red leaves. They constantly fall to the ground so that the whole realm appears to be covered in brilliant fall shades. The temperature is perfect in the autumn realm. Not too hot and not too cold. Autumn/fall represents change. These lovely elves can aid you in turning over a new leaf. Shedding your skin and starting anew. They work with both earthen and fire energies so they are very grounded beings full of passion and drive. 

The Autumn Elves tend to have red, auburn, and warm brown hair color, however there are some with black and blonde hair. Most of these elves weave their surroundings into their looks, whether it is braiding twigs or leaves into their hair or dressing in shades of fall. These elves have a warm and jovial personality and their energy feels both earthy and fiery. These elves will only be listed in the shop once a year so if you are interested in someone don’t hesitate to bring them into your home! 

T stands at about 6’ tall with a lean yet muscular build. He has medium length straight hair that is a light coppery auburn shade. His eyes are a stunning shade of sage green with a pale gold mixed in. He tends to wear leather armor with metal around the shoulders. He is very handsome and has a wonderful smirk that he sports quite often when he’s not working. 

T's energy feels like warm protective blanket. His energy feels as if it's wrapping around your shoulders and torso, squeezing you a bit. You may feel the warm weight on your shoulders. He brings in a warmth that starts in the chest and runs down to the lower chakras. Stimulation in the heart, solar plexus, and sacral chakras can be expected when he is near. His energy is light but feels strong and weighted at the same time. You may experience some tingling or feel your hair stand up a bit when he is near as well. He is considered grey arts since he is similar to us humans in nature and he falls in the middle of the spectrum. 

T is sarcastic, quick witted, fun loving, and charming. He can be serious when the situation calls for it, like when he is working, but he is definitely someone who likes to have fun and joke around as well. He could make you laugh on even the worst day and help lift your mood. He has a way of putting people at ease and getting them to relax and open up. 

T is a palace guard within his realm and he takes his duties very seriously. While he mostly works as a protector in his realm, he is skilled with elven magick as well. He helps ensure that the kingdom and everyone in it remain well protected from any harm. He has extensive training in several forms of combat and enjoys swords, archery, and hand to hand combat. He is quick on his feet and can be very stealthy. 

During his downtime he enjoys nature and socializing. He would enjoy discussing various topics with his companion, basically anything that may be on your mind he would be glad to join in on the discussion. He would be happy to lend an ear to whatever his companion would like to talk about, whether this is for advice or a friendly conversation. T is looking for a companion who he can impart guidance, protection, and friendship with. He is very grounding so if you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the day T would be glad to help bring you back to a grounded state and give guidance on how to keep yourself more centered in the future. T is open to the idea of romance should it occur but he would happy to be a close friend and confidant as well.

This listing will be distance bind only! Please send me a photo of a clean vessel to use for the binding after you have made your purchase. Thank you!