T ~ Guardian Angel

T ~ Guardian Angel

T is a stunning and bright being. She is a tall beauty standing at about 5’11” with a curvy build. She has beautiful tan skin, very long straight golden blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. Her wings are massive and a stunning ivory shade with white and silver feathers scattered throughout. She always wears white I have never seen her wear any other color so far and she favors silver toned jewelry and accessories. She radiates a bright white and golden light that is truly stunning. 

T has a cooling energy that washes up over you pulling up above the crown. She has a much higher vibration and you can notice her presence by the coolness as well as a strong pressure above the head. T is white arts and is on the medium end of the white arts spectrum.

T is a Guardian Angel. She is not a “religious” angel. She is here for be a guardian for one special person and that will be her main focus. She comes foward to offer her protection and guidance helping you stay on your true path and looks to provide guidance and reason to the choices that get presented in your life. She makes a strong protector and can keep away malevolent beings as well as keep you shielded from harm. 

T is non-judgmental and will be a companion you can always turn to. She works well alongside dark arts entities and other spirits/entities and is very friendly and accepting of all beings. She absolutely adores animals of all kinds and will happily watch over your pets or children. Feel free to task her with helping other family members or friends as well but please remember that YOU are her top priority! She is easy to talk to if you need guidance or suggestions and she has a motherly protective feel to her. T will look after you to ensure you stay on track and can be an excellent counselor of sorts whenever you may feel stuck or confused.

If you feel pulled to her listing don’t hesitate! Trust your intuition and welcome her into your life.