T ~ Lunar Elf

T ~ Lunar Elf

The Lunar Elves are closely aligned with the moon cycle and can draw on the energy during the various phases to empower spellwork or bring cleansing and healing. They can make great companions for teaching and guidance or even be a supportive friend. Many of them can help increase psychic abilities and as a whole they can help you more effectively utilize the energy of the moon. 

T stands at about 6’1” tall with pale silvery skin with a stunning blue sheen. He has long silky straight black hair that he wear pulled back into a high ponytail, striking deep sapphire blue eyes that almost appear black with a silver sunburst in the center, and pointed ears like others of his kind. His body is covered in interesting tattoos that he will gladly show his human companion. He typically dresses in full armor, but when he’s not wearing his armor he prefers relaxed clothing in darker colors. He looks very much like the image he chose to represent him. 

T has a light but noticeable energy. It's a calm relaxing feel with a slight breeze and very mildly tingly. His energy feels very much like "night time" and is very peaceful. T’s energy tends to stimulate the higher chakras a bit more than the others. He is considered grey arts and is on the medium end of the very arts spectrum, but can feel even lighter at times. 

T is a lunar elf. He is a royal guard and watches over the other guards. Though he deals more with protection and keeping things orderly, he is also skilled in lunar magick and drawing on that energy. He can assist in shielding and warding, stimulating psychic senses, and connecting you to your intuition. T can also assist in calling on lunar energy to give you a cleansing boost and fresh start. 

T is supportive, kind, and pretty laid back except for when he’s keeping watch. While guarding he has a more serious side but when he’s off work he is much more relaxed and carefree. T looks to be a companion to explore the realms with and offer his support and protection. He would enjoy reading time with his companion, particularly if you enjoy studying history. T would like to explore and discover your interest with you and may even join in or offer his suggestions.