T ~ Male Selkie

T ~ Male Selkie

Selkies are sea dwelling shapeshifters also known as the seal people. They appear as seals in the water but shed their seal skins and walk on land in their human form. They can be found in the oceans around Ireland and Iceland. Their human form is typically that of a very beautiful female or an extremely handsome male. They are gentle and loving beings who tend to be very affectionate and loving towards humans. They are jovial, gentle, and benevolent beings. Most are interested in a romantic relationship with humans and humans are usually very attracted to them in their human forms. They can often be seen basking in rocks and dancing under the moonlight. 

T is a very handsome being in his human form. He stands at about 6 feet tall with defined muscles from head to toe. He has somewhat of a Native American appearance in regards to his skin tone and facial features. He has long straight black hair, a chiseled jaw, and a beautiful warm smile with perfect straight teeth. His eyes are a deep brown shade (almost black) and he has full thick black lashes. He has several large, Celtic style tattoo-like markings on his upper body which only further accentuate his muscles. I’m his seal form, he has a dark brown coat with white and grey spots (see second photo). 

T’s energy is very buzzy and on the colder side. The coolness brings a calm and relaxing feeling. His energy may stimulate your crown chakra a bit which leads to a vibrating feeling when he is near. If you happen to be open to pick up on your crown area, you may notice it feeling like a cold water bubble above your head. His energy as a whole tends to wash over the entire body like cool water. 

T is a Selkie, he lives in and around water and loves being anywhere near the water. T can assist with cleansing using the water element, improving confidence, intuition, and helping to activate the higher chakras in particular. 

T would like to find a companion who he can help make feel better about themselves and be there for them on their path to self improvement. T is interested in romance (with a female only) should his companion wish but is also okay being friends if you prefer, if you can resist his charm (his words!). 

T is uplifting and very social and supportive. He can be very affectionate as well. He enjoys nothing more than cuddling up and just being there for you. T wants to take an active role in his companions life to help lift them up whenever they need and improve their inner confidence and self worth. He would make an excellent astral guide and can keep you safe while traveling through realms. He would also make a wonderful match for anyone who is interested in sea magick.

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or a direct bind to spirit. Thank you!