The Egyptian Cartouche Initiations ~

The Egyptian Cartouche Initiations ~

The Egyptian Cartouche Initiations ~ 

The Initiations into Egyptian symbols brings about a state of heightened awareness and clarity. There are 25 Initiations into the ancient archetypal universal symbols from Egypt and Atlantis which can enhance healing powers and psychic development. 

The Cartouche Initiations act as a bridge between day-to-day things and your Higher Self.

These Initiations capture the essence of the energies that govern the universe.

The Cartouche encapsulates those archetypal energies which were known and understood by the ancient Egyptians and embodies them in identities easily recognizable in today's world. 

There are 25 cards, numbered sequentially from 1 through 25, but we don't initiate with card 10, which is Set. Set represents opposition, delay and problems, which is why the card is omitted in the initiation process. 

There are no pre-requisites to receiving the initiations – you can be a complete beginner, a reiki healer, a reiki master or other. 

**If you are Seichim Master OR have finished Reiki Level 2, you will receive an Egyptian Cartouche Master Level Certificate and can go on to initiate and teach the attunements to others.**

**I would highly recommend purchasing the "Way of Cartouche" by Murry Hope, where you will find all the Cartouche symbols.**

The ancient Egyptian symbols depicted on the cards capture the essence of the forces or energies that govern the universe. Many believe the Egyptians gained their knowledge of these forces from an even earlier advanced race who, in turn, were instructed by extraterrestrials from the Sirius star system. The symbols, colors and meanings of the cards accord both with the designs found on Egyptian temples, pyramids, tombs and old papyri, and with a secret arcane tradition that has been handed down from century to century. Each card can be used for meditation, divination, healing or magical or talismanic purposes and, when arrayed in the various layouts, can provide insight and answers to dreams, family or emotional problems, financial or business matters, healing and health, crafts and skills, protection, spiritual seeking, or any of life's many enigmas.

The Initiations:

1. Osiris - the good father, teacher, consoler, the warrior who protects 
2. Isis - the nurturing mother, earth magic, earth power, earth divination
3. Horus - healing of the physical eyes as well as the third eye
4. Bast - psychic abilities and psychic protection
5. Thoth - lord or karma, lord of time, healer and magician
6. Hathor - patron of women and beauty; her mirror is protective as it reflects back both negativity and harmony to the sender times ten
7. Nephthys - hidden knowledge
8. Ptah - architect, patron of men
9. Anubis - protection and guidance
10. Set - opposition, delay and problems
11. Fire - connection to the fire elementals
12. Earth - connection to the earth elementals 
13. Air - connection to the air elementals 
14. Water - connection to the water elementals
15. Sirius - connection to the star people
16. Lotus - peace of mind
17. Crook & Flail - taking back your own authority; helps to connect with the path that was chosen before birth
18. Uraeus - power
19. Winged Disk - success
20. Twins - connection to the twin flame
21. Sphinx - animal medicine and the connection between animals, ourselves and Mother Earth
22. Scarab - transformation
23. Pyramid - initiation and protection
24. Ankh - the key. After the attunement the Ankh serves as the energiser, much as Cho Ku Rays is the energiser of Tera-Mai Reiki and Seichem symbols
25. Buckle of Isis - fertility in ones endeavours


This is a series of self initiations. You will receive the course material and my full support. 

If you are a Reiki or Seichim Master, I will provide you with a certificate at the end of your course so that you may teach others. 

Legally I must state that this is not a medical treatment and is not intended to treat any physical conditions or ailments. Energy work is not a replacement for medical care or a substitution for the care of a doctor. Results will vary based on the work you put into your development!