The Ethereal Moldavite Crystal Empowerment - Inner Dimensional Connections

The Ethereal Moldavite Crystal Empowerment - Inner Dimensional Connections

The Ethereal Moldavite Crystal Empowerment - Inner Dimensional Connections

The Ethereal Moldavite Crystal Empowerment is also the 3rd and final Crystal Empowerment in this series of attunements. 

**The prerequisites to receive this Attunement are The Stellar Atom Crystal Empowerment and Phenacite Crystal Empowerment.**

Moldavite is a Crystal which is highly prized for its intense Metaphysical Properties. It is a Stone that is said to enhance the Energies of all other Crystals while opening the 3rd Eye chakra, Balancing the Mind, Body, Spirit and Enhance your Psychic Abilities. It is generally considered to be one of the most important Stones at this time of Planetary Evolution. Many people feel that at this time, there are countless Souls who are not originally from Planet Earth but have incarnated here at this time from Star Systems such as the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion and many other Galactic Star Systems. 

The Celestial Starseed Activation Attunements works very well when working with this Trilogy of Attuements! I will be listing this powerful series of attunements very soon!

Moldavite is thought to be a Booster Stone that helps with the development of the Spirit and in doing this, will help to increase the Development of your dormant Psychic Abilities. It will work in alignment with the Stellar Atom Crystal Empowerment and Phenacite Crystal Empowerment to help you connect with Inner Dimensions and Extraterrestrial Beings. This will also include the connections with your Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and even the Archangels. 

Physically, Moldavite is believed to help balance the body and to regulate any irregularities of the Heart Chakra. 

Emotionally, Moldavite is said to help accelerate your ability to perceive messages from beyond, this makes it an excellent tool for Psychic Mediums to use when performing a Spirit Reading for others. 

It helps to balance the Chakras while creating the Energies of Change which can be used to remove all forms of Negativity by allowing your Spriritual Self to be open to the World of Spirit and Beyond. 

Psychic Awakening using Moldavite ~ 

Moldavite is a very interesting stone to use for developing your psychic abilities. It is a crystal that works extremely well for people who are trying to expand their psychic gifts. As you connect more and more with the etheric vibrations of Moldavite, you will continue to raise your energy levels which in turn will increase the speed of your psychic development. 

Working with this attunement will help you develop the following gifts:

* Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing/Vision)
* Claircognizance (Clear Knowing)
* Clairaudience (Clear Hearing/Listening)
* Clairalience (Clear Smelling)
* Clairsentience (Clear Feeling/Touching)
* Clairgustance (Clear Tasting)

This is an attunement passed from me to you. It is a permanent attunement that will stay with you forever. I will send you a wonderful meditation to help you work with this attunement.

During your attunement, you will need to find a quiet place to relax and lay down for at least 30-45 minutes. This will give the attunement the time it needs to run through your body. Contact me for a time and date that works well for you and we can schedule something. 

Do not purchase this attunement unless you have already been attuned to the Level One Etheric Crystal Empowerment, The Stellar Atom AND Level Two Etheric Crystal Empowerment, Phenacite. These must be received in order. Thank you! 

Legally I must state that this is not a medical treatment and is not intended to treat any physical conditions or ailments. Energy work/healing is not a replacement for medical care or a substitution for the care of a doctor.