The Triple Goddess Attunement Bundle ~

The Triple Goddess Attunement Bundle ~

The Triple Goddess Attunement Bundle ~ 

This series is wonderful for all who practice Magick! I have personally loved working with the energies and connecting to the Goddess! ❤️ 

The 3 Empowerments that you will receive will connect you to the energies of the Triple Goddess so that you will be filled with the love and light of our Mother Moon as well as the aspects of the Goddess.

Level 1: The Maiden
Level 2: The Mother
Level 3: The Crone

This is a series of attunements that is passed from me to you. All 3 levels will be performed in one session. Each session will last approximately 90 minutes. You just need to lie back and relax while I channel the energy and direct it to you. I do need your full name and location (city and state is fine) to perform this session. 

This is a permanent series of empowerments that will stay with you always.

You will receive an email with information on the Triple Goddess and how to work with each of her aspects, run the energies for this system, and even information on setting up an altar once your attunement is complete. 

The Goddess represents the Divine Feminine, Nurturing Nature of Deity. Intuitive, Creative and Magical. She is the Inner Nature of Deity, the Origin of the External Universe. Thus the Goddess is the Creator, the Source. The God Emerges from her and she sets the Universe in Motion. The God is the Goddess’s Divine Child which is formed from her Inner Nature, her Other Self! The God is also the Divine Consort whose union with the Goddess describes existence as we know it to be. In this sense the Goddess and the God are the Polar Forces which is wishing all things and whose presence gives Life to all Things. The Goddess and the God are the Yin and Yang. The Yin is the Feminine, Spiritual, Emotive aspect of the Deity and the Yang is the Masculine, Physical, Volatile aspect of the Deity which manifests in Action and Motion and whose permutations build up the outer form of all things.

In the Wiccan tradition the Goddess is primarily revered through her form as the Triple Goddess. As the God is often represented by the Sun, the Goddess is represented by the Moon and it is through the three phases of Waxing, Waning and Full Moon that we see the Nature of her being! The moon does also have a fourth phase, the New Moon, and for this some speak of a Dark or Unseen Moon Goddess. Those who do not use the fourth phase roll the Dark Goddess in with the Crone aspect. These aspects also represent the cycle of Birth, Life and Death (Re-Birth). While many Neo- Pagans are not Wiccan, and within Neopaganism the practices and theology vary widely, many Wiccan's and other Neo-Pagans worship the "Triple Goddess" of Maiden, Mother and Crone. A practice going back to mid 20th Century England. In their view, Sexuality, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and other Female Reproductive Processes are ways that women may embody the Goddess, making the Physical Body Sacred.

Legally I must state that this is not a medical treatment and is not intended to treat any physical conditions or ailments. Energy work is not a replacement for medical care or a substitution for the care of a doctor.